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Mentorship Program

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Localism is a cornerstone of the broadcast industry and our California radio and television stations are committed to serving their communities. One of the most important ways to help our young professionals and prepare a future workforce is through the power of mentoring.

Go back to your first internship or job. Did someone within the industry help you along your professional track? For many, the answer is “yes.”

To assist you in this effort, the CBA developed a Mentorship Program to provide college students and entry-level professionals with educational opportunities. The Mentorship Program allows stations to select activities that best address their public service interests:


1. Participate on “Jobs in Broadcast Journalism” panels at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges regional and state conferences.

The conferences bring together students and faculty from member schools across California for speakers, workshops, contests, meetings and more. The panel sessions are usually scheduled for 90 minutes. More details available at: http://jacconline.org/conferences/


2. Serve as a guest speaker in a nearby college or university classroom.

Most California public and private colleges offer a variety of communication courses. Astute professors recognize the value of exposing students to experienced perspectives outside the campus setting. They can contact you through our website and arrange a date to fit your schedule.
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3. Participate in a mentor match-up luncheon for students.

Some colleges are looking to supplement theory taught in the classroom with practical advice by experts in a relaxed setting. Mentoring needs may range from individual students to formal campus groups. College staff can contact you through our website.
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4. Post entry-level or internship positions on CBA’s website and work with campus internship coordinators.

The YourCBA.com website offers two ways for member stations to connect with job seekers. The Broadcast1Source job bank is a partnership between Broadcast1Source and the California Broadcasters Foundation that assists broadcasters in complying with EEO / FCC regulations and ePIF management. A second job bank works through your membership account and allows postings to be updated. All you need is your member identification number.
YourCBA Job Bank: http://www.broadcast1source.com/b1s_casba_jobs.aspx
Broadcast1Source Job Bank: http://www.yourcba.com/jobs/


5. Promote the CBA’s scholarship program.

The California Broadcasters Foundation is the non-profit, educational arm of the CBA. The Foundation offers four (4) radio scholarships and four (4) television scholarships each semester. Each scholarship is $1000 and available to any enrolled college student working as a station intern, or any station employee (or their immediate family members) majoring in a broadcast-related field (communication, marketing, journalism, engineering, etc.). Applications and additional information are available at: www.yourcba.com/scholarships/


You can sign up for any of these activities on the CBA website (link). Based upon your selections, CBA will identify local opportunities in college communications departments, student journalism clubs along with job placement centers and advise them of your interest.

Of course all these activities can be counted towards fulfilling the required four items every two years off the list of FCC Supplemental Outreach Initiatives.

Help support localism in our communities by participating in the “Mentorship Program” today!

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