The Federal Communications Commission conducts unscheduled inspections of your facility both at random and if they have a reasonable belief a problem exists. A poor inspection report can result in substantial fines and put your license in jeopardy.

The CBA has worked out a program with the FCC to insure against surprise visits.

We will provide an independent inspector to come to your station and perform a complete survey – just like the FCC would do. You receive a confidential report outlining any problems or violations of FCC rules.

Once the inspector advises us that you have passed the voluntary program, the CBA notifies the FCC. No information about any corrective action is shared with the FCC or even the CBA! Our contract with the FCC prevents them from performing a random inspection of your station for the following three years. If they show up at your station between the time you ask for a CBA inspection and one is performed, just show them the request and they will be on their way.

The CBA Voluntary Inspection Program ensures the survey is a CONFIDENTIAL and cooperative effort rather than a public confrontation with government regulators. Obviously, this program will not exempt your station from a visit by the FCC if there is outside evidence of a specific problem or a tower safety issue at your facility.

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