California Election Details

How does the California top two primary system work?
In June 2012, California started using the Top Two Candidate Open Primary system for statewide offices. This means…

  • All candidates for a given state or congressional office will be listed on a single primary election ballot.
  • Voters can vote for the candidate of their choice for these offices.
  • The top two candidates, as determined by the voters, will advance to the general election in November.

Note: The top two system does not effect primaries for Presidential elections.

What are the dates of the political advertising window for the 2016 elections?
The political advertising window for the June 7th primary election starts on April 23rd.
Primary Election Window
The political advertising window for the November 8th general election starts on September 9th.
General Election Window

Where can I download the current political broadcast manual?
Click here.

Where can I view the California Voter Information guide?

Click here.