Signing Up for Harassment Awareness Training

Step 1: Go to the Harassment Awareness Training information page. Step 1A
Step 2: Sign into your member account. If you’re already signed in, skip this step.

If you have not signed in before, click here.

Step 2
Step 3: Fill out the form with the full name, email address, and type of training, and then click on the “Submit” button. Step 3
Step 4: If the message on the right side appears, the sign up has been completed successfully. You will receive an email shortly, confirming the signup and when the training will be ready to be taken. If you receive an error message of any kind, please call us at 916-444-2237 during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

If you need to sign up more than one person for training, fill out the form again.

Step 4