Step 1: Go to the Post a Job page. Step 1
Step 2: Sign into your member account. If you’re already signed in, skip this step

If you have not signed in before, click here.

Step 2
 Step 3: Fill out the job form and click the “Preview” button.

Note: If no closing date is specified, the listing will expire 30 days from when it was first posted.


 Step 3
 Step 4: If the job listing looks good, click the “Submit listing” button, otherwise click the “Edit listing” button to change it.  Step 4
 Step 5: If the message on the right side appears, the job listing has been posted successfully. We approve all job listings before they go public, so you will receive an email once it has been approved. If you receive an error message of any kind, please call us at 916-444-2237 during regular business hours Monday through Friday  Step 5


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