How to Add an Additional Person to Your Account

Step 1: Go to the Manage Membership page.  Step 1
Step 2: Sign into your member account. If you’re already signed in, skip this step

If you have not signed in before, click here.

Step 2
Step 3: Click on the “Additional” button. Step 3
Step 4: Click on the “Add New Contact” button. Step 4
Step 5: Fill out the form that appears and click the “Save” button.

Note: If you want this person to be able to log into the website, you must include their name, position, and email address.

Step 5
Step 6: If the person’s name appears underneath the Additional Contact & Locations, they have been added to your account successfully. Please have them view the Signing in for the First Time guide in order to get the password for their account.

If you receive an error message of any kind, please call us at 916-444-2237 during regular business hours Monday through Friday.


Step 6