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Agency Execs Look To Raise Native Ad Spend

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Native advertising, where a brand’s message is woven into content, is a hot topic with media buyers and their clients, even if enthusiasm appears to be trending downward slightly. That’s according to a new survey from Advertiser Perceptions, which will be released next week, says MediaPost.

The report found that “net optimism,” defined as the difference between the percentage of 312 ad execs polled who planned to increase vs. decrease their native ad spending in the next year, fell five points to a 51, compared to a similar survey from 2014. Agency execs are, however, more enthusiastic about native ads than their clients. While 49% of clients said they would boost native ad spending over the next year, 57% of agency execs said they planned to raise spending. To get a piece of those budgets, many radio stations use both their on-air and digital assets to offer native advertising. On-air, hosts weave live mentions and sponsorships into broadcasts. As radio stations and their on-air talent grow their Web and social media channels, that creates new avenues for native advertising, particularly product endorsements, location plugs, contests and promotions.

In a recent blog post, Westwood One and Cumulus Media’s chief marketing officer Pierre Bouvard noted that native advertising is a way for marketers to buttress the rise of ad-blocking technology. “For radio—the original native advertising platform—brand messages can be integrated by on-air personalities into their shows in a way that’s charming and interesting,” Bouvard said. According to the survey, social media is the most likely channel for native advertising, with 70% of respondents saying they buy native ads on social media, and that is expected to climb to 73% next year. Native ads now account for almost one-quarter (22%) of total digital ad expenditures, up from 18% in 2014, the report says.


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